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Young Forest Represents at the Thunderfoot Tournament

Young Forest Martial Arts Represents at Thunderfoot Karate Tournament

London, Ohio Sept. 19 2015

Katelynn Representing Young Forest Martial Arts at Thunderfoot Karate TounramentWe learned about this tournament kind of last minute, but were able to rally a couple of students to represent. Katelynn Cleere competed in Jiu Jitsu, forms, and point sparring and did very well. Isaiah Gilmore competed in grappling and point sparring, also doing very well. Both students not only performed well, but conducted themselves very well and did a great job representing Young Forest Martial Arts. The tournament was ran professionally and all the schools and competitors were very friendly and respectful. I only wish we would have learned of this tournament sooner so that we could have rallied more Young Forest students to go; I know they would have had a great experience.

Katelynn Representing Young Forest Martial Arts at Thunderfoot Karate TounramentThanks to Sensei Thad Hughes of Thunderfoot Karate for hosting the tournament, all the school instructors and students that volunteered and helped make the tournament great, and of course all the competitors.

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