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Young Forest Martial Arts at Neff Health Fair

Young Forest Martial Arts at Neff Motivation, Inc.

We were excited to set up at Neff Motivation, Inc. health fair yesterday. One of the fundamentals of martial arts is developing a healthy body and healthy mind, and we were glad to share our goals and objectives with the Neff family. As we recently moved into a larger space, we’ve been able to expand and add programs making Young Forest Martial Arts a virtual fitness center; allowing us to offer programs to suit an individuals every need.

In addition to our general martial arts programs for children and adults, we’ve long partnered with Greenville Strength and Conditioning to offer strength and conditioning classes; taught by Amber Jones. With the larger space, Amber has expanded her training area and equipment, and looks to expand hours in the future. Amber custom tailors strength and conditioning regimens for the individual. For more information visit the Greenville Strength and Conditioning page by clicking here.

We’ve also recently acquired a certified Zumba instructor to head up a Zumba program. Zumba takes the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party. For more information about this program click here.

Young Forest Martial Arts at Neff Motivation, Inc.For a complete list of all of Young Forest Martial Arts programs, click.

Thanks Neff Motivation, Inc. for letting us come and share our business with you!

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