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Young Forest Martial Arts Celebrates A Great 2016

Young Forest Martial Arts Year End Banquet 2016

This past Saturday members of Young Forest Martial Arts, their family, and friends descended upon the Lighthouse Christian Center’s UTurn building in celebration of the end of a great year and the start of another one. Every year our Sipai—Kung Fu Family—grows; and 2016 was particularly great for Young Forest Martial Arts as we saw some significant growth. This allowed Young Forest to relocated to a new, more suitable facility to not only accommodate our growing numbers, but allow us to expand some of our classes and programs, as well as create new ones—so that we can meet everyone’s needs.

Of course none of this would be possible without the loyalty and support from our long-term, dedicated members and their supporting families that have been with us since the beginning. With their continued support and effort, and with the support and effort of newer students and their families, Young Forest Martial Arts is poised to have an even better 2017. Our goal has always been to create a large Kung Fu Family in which members come together to help each other develop themselves to their fullest potential, and to use the mental and physical strength gained through martial arts training to become a valued asset to their family and community. And we have truly experienced success with that goal!

Thanks to all our members and their supporting families! We look forward to 2017 with you!

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