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Young Forest Martial Arts Did It Again — We Bashed Trash!

Trash Bash | Young Forest Martial Arts

Trash Bash | Young Forest Martial ArtsThis past Saturday students, and families there of, Bashed Trash! By Bashed Trash we mean pick up trash. I cannot express how grateful I am to have such proactive families – families that step up and support and participate in these kinds of events. Part of our mission at Young Forest Martial Arts is to develop community servants. Young Forest Martial Arts is always looking for ways to get involved and contribute to the community. One of the simplest things a person can do is help keep it clean. Picking up trash is not a glamorous community service, so we are surprised, and extremely thankful to have so many volunteers. And all the children had such great attitudes! Thank you parents and students for helping keep our communities – including rural communities – looking beautiful!

Thanks to Darke County Solid Waste Management, the other entities, and especially the sponsors for organizing and providing supplies for this event. And an extra special thanks to the other groups, organizations, and individuals who participate in Trash Bash and donate so much time and energy cleaning up our county roads!

Trash Bash | Young Forest Martial Arts

Post Trash Bash Shenanigans!


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