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Young Forest Kung Fu Elves At It Again!

Adopt-A-Family Gift Wrapping Party 2018 | Young Forest Martial Arts

Our Kung Fu Elves are at it again! Wednesday we hosted our annual gift wrapping party for our Adopt-A-Family, where we wrapped gifts, ate pizza, and played games. And through sheer coincidence (or Christmas miracle), Santa and one of his Elf’s happened to walk by our party and came in to say hi! Thanks again Santa and Elf!

We not only teach our students compassion – and lead those lessons of compassion by example – we like to create opportunities for students to exercise their compassion. So every year we Adopt-A-Family and collect gifts and household necessities so that others may have the kind of holiday most of us are blessed with. Our Adopt-A-Family program also teaches students how to take the initiative to get involved and even create programs and events that help those in need or less fortunate. As always, our Kung Fu families really came through! Even Simo’s work colleagues made contributions. And, in addition to their contributions, some of our regular tea members from Blue Lantern Tea made contributions. But that’s not all! One of our newer families are also involved in Girl Scouts and took up quite a collection from their troop!

Thank you Young Forest Members and Families! You make us humble and proud of the Kung Fu Family we have become. Thanks to those Blue Lantern Tea members who made contributions! Like our Kung Fu School, Blue Lantern Tea is in the business of building relationships within the community, so as to have a stronger community; and your contributions to our cause demonstrates that success. Thank you Girl Scouts for your contributions, and teaching girls and young women how to be proactive members and of their communities! Finally, thanks to all other friends and family who contributed! None of us would be as successful as we are without those friends and families that support all that we do.

Look at all the pictures below for a glimpse of all the donations, and all the fun we had wrapping presents, playing games, and, hanging out with Santa!

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