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Year End Celebration | Young Forest Martial Arts

2017 Year End Banquet with Young Forest Martial Arts

This past Saturday, we celebrated the closing of 2017 and the coming of 2018 with our Sipai (kung fu family), family, and friends. 2017 was another great year for Young Forest Martial Arts. Our core students worked hard to improve and develop themselves, we developed our new space even further and are poised to continue with that development, got involved in community services, and are excited to keep all that momentum going into 2018. This year, we also honored a couple of students for outstanding effort and excellence. We have such a great body of students that we don’t typically give ‘Student of the Year’ awards; as we’d have to give most of our students an award. But we have a couple of students that have really risen above that high standard. Seth Hughes is one of our original (first generation) students, having started in our Wee Warrior (3 to 6) program before graduating to our Children’s General Program. He is currently our highest ranking student and a member of our prestigious Leadership Club. Seth is the epitome of what a great student is. He works harder than almost all other students, always has a positive attitude, always happy and excited, very helpful to others, does chores around the kwoon (school/dojo) without being asked, exercises great etiquette, Academic Achiever of the Highest Order, etc. A teacher could not ask for a better student. We also honored Autumn Schilling-Dotson. Though she has not been with us nearly as long as Hughes, she has all the same qualities of a great senior martial arts student. She too exercises great etiquette, always has a positive attitude, is very helpful to others, works harder than most students, Academic Achiever of the Highest Order, and is currently a candidate for our selective Leadership Club. Autumn is also our most active competitor; often times attending tournaments as sole representative of Young Forest Martial Arts. As a Sifu (teacher), I am very fortunate to have such great students, and more fortunate to have not one, but two, exceptionally great students! But I can’t take all the credit. As you can see from the pictures, our students have great support groups from their families. We know our students could not be successful without that support, and Young Forest Martial Arts could not be successful without support from families. We thank all the families that support us and everything we do! Great year everyone! Now lets see what we can do in 2018!

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