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Young Forest Martial Arts at Neff Health Fair

We were excited to set up at Neff Motivation, Inc. health fair yesterday. One of the fundamentals of martial arts is developing a healthy body and healthy mind, and we were glad to share our goals and objectives with the Neff family. As we recently moved into a larger space, we’ve been able to expand and add programs making Young Forest Martial Arts a virtual fitness center; allowing us to …Read More

Young Forest Martial Arts is Officially Reopen!

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As some of you already know, Young Forest Martial Arts relocated recently to 106 N. Broadway. Upon approval from the city zoning committee this evening, we are officially reopen! Come and check out our new location! We have a program for every need. General martial arts for children and adults — get you and your children in shape while learning self-defense through the ancient art of kung fu. Develop strength …Read More