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Chi Gung Six Week Session Starts Soon!

Are you feeling tired and/or stressed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Has this left you feeling sluggish and unfulfilled? Re-energize through the ancient healing art of Chi Gung! Chi Gung (Tai Chi) is a mix of sitting, standing, and moving meditations.  Strengthen your spirit as you cultivate mind and body. Call us today to start improving your health and longevity; but do it soon! Our next Six …Read More

Chi Gung | Six Week Session Starts Soon!

Our next Chi Gung session starts this Wednesday! Develop proper breathing, moving, and still exercises for optimal health and vitality! Our Chi Gung program is for all experience and skill levels. Never done Chi Gung before? That’s okay, our Chi Gung exercises are simple and effective. You have done Chi Gung, or even Tai Chi before? Great, because we delve deep into the concepts and principles of Chi Gung in …Read More