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Focus – Discipline – Respect

These are just a few of the life skills we focus on at Young Forest Martial Arts. We practice and develop these and other Life Skills through martial arts training, etiquette, and a well structured class environment. Life Skills are the foundation of character development and success in all things. Etiquette (the proper behavior for/at any given time and place) training prepares individuals to adapt to any social setting. Rigid …Read More

Life Skills Martial Arts Video

Life skills like focus, respect, self-control, integrity, discipline, and confidence learned in martial arts will permeate throughout a person’s character—and ultimately, throughout their life. Success an individual experiences in martial arts, and other aspects of their life, is a bi-product of life skills developed and applied. If you develop focus, discipline, etc. at one thing, you will have focus, discipline, etc. in all things. Activities like martial arts is a …Read More

Women’s Self-Defense Seminar This Saturday!

At Worch Memorial Public Library in Versailles, Ohio Young Forest Martial Arts owner and head instructor Sifu Jesse J. Berry will be giving a two hour self-defense seminar. Participants will learn mental and physical awareness, strategies for identifying and understanding threats, and choosing correct actions. Participants will also develop mental and physical tools and techniques using simple exercises and drills. Additionally, participants will build skill and confidence through practical application …Read More