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Congratulations Autumn! Representing At Lions Karate Tournament

Like the shield maidens of old, Autumn – sole Young Forest Warrior to answer the call – braved the trek across the country (well, across north western Ohio and eastern Indiana) to face Warriors from all over the region. And face them she did! As to be expected of such a brave Young Forest Warrior, Autumn represented herself, her kwoon (Kung Fu School – Young Forest Martial Arts), and family …Read More

Warrior in a Garden

In ancient Greece, during the time of city-states, there existed one of the greatest warrior societies of all time; the Spartans. The Spartans were so fierce, and so skilled, that when called upon by neighboring city-states for military aid, the Spartans would sometimes send just one Warrior. On this day, 7 of October 2017, in true Spartan spirit, Young Forest Martial Arts sent one Warrior to represent at the Lions …Read More