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Academic Achievers Off To A Great Start

Our Academic Achievers are off to a great start! All of our regular members are maintaining their exceptional grades, and in many cases, achieving additional academic success and achievements. We also had a couple members improve their grades from last year to the start of this year. Additionally, we have some new members join the Academic Achiever program; making nearly every school aged student of Young Forest Martial Arts a …Read More

Imagination—Mental Skill of the Martial Artist

Logic is a mental skill and is essential in the development and growth of a student. Reason and logic are the skills that give the student the ability to understand lessons taught, but also the ability to solve problems and answer their own inquiries. Of course, reason and logic is precise and scientific in nature. It’s based on principles, laws and boundaries. To be able to push past boundaries and …Read More

Life Skills Martial Arts Video

Life skills like focus, respect, self-control, integrity, discipline, and confidence learned in martial arts will permeate throughout a person’s character—and ultimately, throughout their life. Success an individual experiences in martial arts, and other aspects of their life, is a bi-product of life skills developed and applied. If you develop focus, discipline, etc. at one thing, you will have focus, discipline, etc. in all things. Activities like martial arts is a …Read More

And Knowing Is Half The Battle

At Young Forest Martial Arts, our objective is to define what a Warrior is, and how to become one. A Warrior is simply someone who conquers their self through constant hard work and effort (kung fu). By conquering self, we mean over coming obstacles and limitations we set on ourselves. We set physical limitations on ourselves for a variety of reasons; we convince ourselves we don’t have time, we don’t …Read More