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A Wing Chun Kung Fu Essay by Sifu Sovannaroth Kruich

As some of you know, Young Forest Martial Arts owner and head Sifu Jesse Berry has had the good fortune to be accepted into the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kuen family under Grand Master Garret Gee. Sifu Berry travels regularly to train in weekend long workshops directly under GM Gee and along with many of the Hung Fa Yi family. Recently Berry attended one of these workshops, and HFY …Read More

Saturn’s Day Fights – Chess at Young Forest Martial Arts

That’s right! We said chess! Our objective at Young Forest Martial Arts is to instill mental and physical strength in students. We do this through physical training (kicking, punching, etc. and physical fitness) and mentally by teaching Life Skills, and concepts and principles that support physical training. And now, we are bringing back Saturn’s Day Fights Chess Club to further challenge students mentally. This also allows us to interact and …Read More

Celebrating Five Years!

This past Saturday we celebrated five years of training students self-cultivation and character development. We are a small martial arts school by martial arts school standards, but we have a lot of loyal students – which are hard to come by. Some of our students have been with us from the beginning and we are fortunate to have such dedicated individuals journey down this path with us. Not to mention …Read More

Warrior in a Garden

In ancient Greece, during the time of city-states, there existed one of the greatest warrior societies of all time; the Spartans. The Spartans were so fierce, and so skilled, that when called upon by neighboring city-states for military aid, the Spartans would sometimes send just one Warrior. On this day, 7 of October 2017, in true Spartan spirit, Young Forest Martial Arts sent one Warrior to represent at the Lions …Read More

Young Forest Martial Arts Celebrates A Great 2016

This past Saturday members of Young Forest Martial Arts, their family, and friends descended upon the Lighthouse Christian Center’s UTurn building in celebration of the end of a great year and the start of another one. Every year our Sipai—Kung Fu Family—grows; and 2016 was particularly great for Young Forest Martial Arts as we saw some significant growth. This allowed Young Forest to relocated to a new, more suitable facility …Read More

Three Year Anniversary Celebration

This past Saturday we celebrated our Three Year Anniversary with some of our students and families. We had another fantastic year with a lot of growth and success; including moving into a new and more suitable location—which came in handy as our outdoor party was forced indoors by the rain. We can never stress our gratitude for our students and supporting families enough. Our goal has always been to establish …Read More

Young Forest Martial Arts Strikes Again At Artisan Stroll First Friday!

It’s that time again; Artisan Stroll First Friday! We told you when we moved in June to have no fear (or maybe you should) as we would still be within striking range of downtown. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do—strike at the heart of our old stronghold; West Third Street. Students of Young Forest Martial Arts will be taking it to the streets (the corner of West Third …Read More

Imagination—Mental Skill of the Martial Artist

Logic is a mental skill and is essential in the development and growth of a student. Reason and logic are the skills that give the student the ability to understand lessons taught, but also the ability to solve problems and answer their own inquiries. Of course, reason and logic is precise and scientific in nature. It’s based on principles, laws and boundaries. To be able to push past boundaries and …Read More