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Young Forest Martial Arts In-School Tournament 2017

Competing against fellow team members, and in this case Sipai (kung fu family), not only helps improve skill and prepares the student for competition and real-life application, it strengthens the bonds of brotherhood. Here is a video slide show of our 2017 In-School Tournament. And as you can see from the images, competing against fellow Sipai (kung fu brother and sister) brings out a ferocity not always seen in other …Read More

First Annual In-School Tournament

This past Saturday we held our first In-School Tournament. We have two separate children’s schedules and adults on different schedules as well. In-school tournaments are not only an introduction and learning experience for students who have never been to a martial arts tournament, but an opportunity to meet and interact with students they don’t otherwise have an opportunity to interact with. In-school tournaments are also an opportunity for parents and …Read More