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Into The Den of the Tiger | Henry Fought Memorial Youth Tournament

Young Forest Martial Arts showed up in full force (of five) competitors for the annual Henry Fought Memorial Youth Martial Arts Tournament hosted by Den of the Tiger. And it’s a good thing we showed up in force because the competition was as fierce as to be expected from this tournament! We had a couple of new competitors represent in the beginner divisions, a student freshly moving up to intermediate, …Read More

Another Great Den of the Tiger Tournament!

Unfortunately, due to illnesses, only half of our competitors made it to the annual Henry Fought Memorial Youth Karate Tournament. But those of us who dodged illnesses and made the nearly two hour trek had outstanding experiences as usual. Not only did all three of our competitors place in their divisions, more importantly, all three of them earned the prestigious and highly coveted Sportsmanship award! This award is given out …Read More

Young Forest Representing at the Den of the Tiger Tournament

We kicked this tournament season off with Den of the Tiger’s Henry Fought Memorial Youth Tournament. With nearly ten schools attending and over one-hundred competitors, the day was long and the competition was fierce. Our students did very well against skilled competitors from all over Ohio and parts of Indiana. We had seven students make the two hour trek to face off against stiff competition in sparring, forms, sumo (a …Read More