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Young Forest Kung Fu Elves At It Again!

Our Kung Fu Elves are at it again! Wednesday we hosted our annual gift wrapping party for our Adopt-A-Family, where we wrapped gifts, ate pizza, and played games. And through sheer coincidence (or Christmas miracle), Santa and one of his Elf’s happened to walk by our party and came in to say hi! Thanks again Santa and Elf! We not only teach our students compassion – and lead those lessons …Read More

Kung Fu Elves – Like Elves On A Shelf But Not As Cute

Like those annoying Elves on a Shelf, our Kung Fu Elves were back at it! Our Kung Fu Elves were loud, obnoxious, getting in the way, making a mess of things, and wrapping gifts for our Adopted Family. This year Young Forest Martial Arts students and families came together to make this Christmas special for a family that needed it. This year, we even had non-members contact us wanting to …Read More

Kung Fu Elf’s Are At It Again!

How do you like us now Elfie! While you were spending your nights mischievously, families of Young Forest Martial Arts came together to collect and wrap gifts in the spirit of spreading good cheer! Every year, Young Forest Martial Arts Adopts-A-Family for Christmas. And every year, our members and their families go above and beyond to spread cheer and happiness to a family that could use a little extra. Being …Read More

Everyone Was Gift Fu Wrapping!

That’s Right… We Said Gift Fu! Our kung fu comes from Shaolin. Shaolin is famous for it’s Buddhist warrior monks. Shaolin warrior monks are world famous for their supper human fighting abilities. They’re also famous for their extreme compassion. Once again, in true Shaolin fashion, our members and their families came together this holiday season to help ensure those less fortunate have a happy holiday! We’d like to thank all …Read More