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No Rest For The Weary | Academic Achievers of Young Forest Martial Arts

The third quarter of the school year can be difficult for many students – the school year starts to seem long, the weather is breaking and people want to be outside, students (and teachers) start to feel ‘burnt out’… and grades can reflect that. But not for students of Young Forest Martial Arts! Nearly all of our active children are in our Academic Achiever program and those who have been …Read More

Academic Achievers Off To A Great Start

Our Academic Achievers are off to a great start! All of our regular members are maintaining their exceptional grades, and in many cases, achieving additional academic success and achievements. We also had a couple members improve their grades from last year to the start of this year. Additionally, we have some new members join the Academic Achiever program; making nearly every school aged student of Young Forest Martial Arts a …Read More

Academic Achievers — Off To A Great Start!

Our Academic Achievers are off to a great start! Nearly all our students participate in the Academic Achiever program, and of those participants, all of them are Academic Achiever of the First Class (A to B average) – and many of them receiving Honorable Mentions for additional academic achievement. Great job students for all your hard work and effort! And great job parents for raising such hard working children! Check …Read More

Academic Achievers Do It Again!

Academic Achievers did it again! A strong finish to a strong year! All of our Academic Achievers have long achieved First Class status (A to B average)  with nearly all members on the A side of the scale. What is so impressive is not only has many of the children improved their grades to achieve First Class status, but they, along with the students who started out First Class, has …Read More

Academic Achievers Have Done It Again!

Kung Fu at School It’s grade card number one and our students are dominating school! Our Academic Achiever program consists of two tiers—Academic Achiever First Class (A to B average) and Academic Achiever Second Class (B to C average). Young Forest Martial Arts is proud to say all our school aged children and young adults have achieved Academic Achiever with 90% of them achieving First Class status—and of those First …Read More

Academic Achievers 2016 | Young Forest Martial Arts

Though we are now well into summer, we finally had the chance to celebrate and honor 2016 Academic Achievers. At Young Forest Martial Arts, we know the value of academics and take academics very seriously. And we honor and recognize students who put in the hard work to achieve academic excellence. Nearly all of our grade school students participate in our Academic Achiever program, and nearly all participants are Academic …Read More