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Challenge Accepted! Young Forest At The 540 Martial Arts Challenge

This past weekend we had several students take the challenge—the 540 Martial Arts Challenge that is! And what a challenge it was. As usual the youth competition was fierce. But it was all in good fun. Our students had a blast and made some new friends. And that is what it is all about. Thanks Mr. Shad Robeson and 540 Martial Arts for hosting such a great tournament! And thanks …Read More

Another 540 Martial Arts Challenge Down!

We attended the 540 Martial Arts Challenge youth tournament this weekend. It’s the second year we’ve attended. It’s such a great tournament; especially for children and parents new to martial arts and tournaments. There was the usual sparring and forms (kata) divisions, as well as some martial arts related games. All the attending schools showed showed great sportsmanship and were very friendly. Our kids loved it, parents loved, we love …Read More