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SUCCESS! First Annual Invitational Tournament!

Young Forest Martial Arts Invitational Tournament 2015

Shad Robeson of 540 Martial Arts

Our first annual Young Forest Martial Arts Invitational Tournament was a huge success. We had several schools and a lot of competitors come out and compete! We would like to give a extra special thanks to Shad Robeson of 540 Martial Arts of Van Wert, who not only brought a lot of competitors from his school, but stepped up and ran great children’s events. We cannot thank him enough. Additionally, the 540 students were fierce competitors with great sportsmanship! We would also like to thank Daniel Wittler of The Dojang, Inc. who brought quite a few students and also stepped up and assisted in the children’s events. And finally, Kevin Spurrier of Tiger Defense Systems of Versailles, who helped run some of the adult divisions, as well as running the weapons point sparring division. He brought a couple of students/assistant instructors who demonstrated a lot of skill in the sparring divisions and weapons point sparring. We would also like to thank the Darke County YMCA who had many competitors represent, as well as some black belts who stepped up and help run some events.  And thanks to the other schools like Den of the Tiger, and anyone we may be forgetting, who had students come out and represent!

Young Forest Martial Arts Invitational Tournament 2015

Kevin Spurrier of Tiger Defense Systems

We’d like to thank all the parent volunteers from Young Forest Martial Arts who volunteered to help plan, organize and run this tournament. I have to give them all an immense amount of credit; most of them have only been to one tournament, the rest of the them had not been to any tournaments. But despite their lack of knowledge and experience, they really pulled together, creating a smooth running and successful experience for all!



20151017_152536Congratulations to all the students that participated! There was a lot of competition from all the schools, and everyone had great sportsmanship! It was a lot of fun and we cannot wait until next year. And of course we are very proud of our students who participated and represented Young Forest Martial Arts! They all did a great job competitively and with positive attitudes and good sportsmanship!

Last but not least, we’d like to thank our sponsors one last time; without them, this tournament would not have been possible—Wayne County Dental Associates, Blue Lantern Tea, Cox Insurance, Greenville Strength and Conditioning, Fitzgerald Motorsports, Emerick Welding, and Darke Wave Tattoo.

See you next year!!

By the way, if you would like to see images from the Young Forest Martial Arts Invitational Tournament, follow this link to our Facebook Photo Album.

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