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Self-Defense at Bible Fellowship Church

Young Forest Martial Arts Self-Defense at Bible Fellowship

Young Forest Martial Arts did a Self-Defense Seminar this past Saturday at Bible Fellowship Church. The purpose and goal of our Self-Defense Seminars is to teach awareness and instill confidence in the students. And did these woman develop confidence! Some of these seemingly nice ladies were talking about sending would-be attackers to meet Jesus! Note to bad guys; watch out for the nice church going women in Greenville!

Though we had a lot of fun this Saturday, the harsh reality is danger lurks around any and every corner. It is important to be vigilant and know, if someone were to attack you, you could do something about it besides be a victim. Young Forest Martial Arts can tailor self-defense seminars and classes to meet the needs of any group or organization. Call us and schedule a seminar or course today; it could save your life someday!

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