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Saturn’s Day Fights – Chess at Young Forest Martial Arts

Saturn's Day Fights Chess Club at Young Forest Martial Arts

That’s right! We said chess! Our objective at Young Forest Martial Arts is to instill mental and physical strength in students. We do this through physical training (kicking, punching, etc. and physical fitness) and mentally by teaching Life Skills, and concepts and principles that support physical training. And now, we are bringing back Saturn’s Day Fights Chess Club to further challenge students mentally. This also allows us to interact and get to know each other ‘off the mat’; continuing to build strong relationships and strengthen the family bond of our Sipai (Kung Fu Family).

This past Saturday was our second Saturn’s Day Fights Chess Club since bringing it back, and as you can see from the image above; great experiences. We had students of all ages play. Some of our older students and adults enjoyed tea from Blue Lantern Tea while socializing and playing chess together. It was a great afternoon of tea, chess and kung fu fellowship!

Saturn’s Day Fights Chess Club is open to the public. Come in and get a delicious pot of tea from Blue Lantern Tea, play chess, and/or get to know Young Forest Martial Arts! Saturdays from 10 to noonish.

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