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Against All Odds | Young Forest Martial Arts Does Trash Bash 2019

Missing the registration deadline, scheduling conflicts, and bad weather couldn’t stop members (and their families) of Young Forest Martial Arts from Trash Bash 2019. And though we were unable to do Trash Bash on the required weekend, we still went out and did our duty! Having so many students and families volunteer and covering so much ground, we removed over thirty bags of trash from our county roads!

We love giving back to our community; and providing opportunities to our students to give back to their community. One of the simplest, most effective ways, is community service. Picking up trash on county roads is not glamorous. It’s a long hard day – especially for young children (which made up the bulk of our volunteers). But everyone did it, and with a great attitude! We are very proud of our student volunteers, and very happy to have students with such supporting families that will spend a whole day volunteering as well. Great job students and families for helping make a better, more beautiful place to live! And thanks to all the other organizations that participate in Trash Bash and other community service programs!

In true Young Forest Martial Arts fashion, we worked hard and then partied hard. After a long day of bashing trash, we rendezvoused back at the kwoon, ate pizza and treats, and played games. Check out the slide show of Young Forest Martial Arts working hard and playing hard!


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