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Kung Fu Elf’s Are At It Again!

Young Forest Martial Arts Adopt-A-Family Gift Wrapping Party

How do you like us now Elfie! While you were spending your nights mischievously, families of Young Forest Martial Arts came together to collect and wrap gifts in the spirit of spreading good cheer! Every year, Young Forest Martial Arts Adopts-A-Family for Christmas. And every year, our members and their families go above and beyond to spread cheer and happiness to a family that could use a little extra.

Being a humble martial arts school that focuses on self-development and cultivation, we don’t throw out a lot of challenges. But this year we challenge you to think of others who may need a little (or a lot) of Christmas cheer, and find a way to give them some. There are a lot of charity organizations and events out there to donate or contribute to, and get involved in. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, it doesn’t have to be your whole paycheck; just a little something, or a small toy in a Toy’s for Tots bin—or any other organization that accepts gifts and donations.

In the aftermath of a controversial and intense presidential race, and the social and political fallout that has ensued, we need only to remember—we don’t need presidents or politicians to fix our country, or to ‘make it great again,’ we need only ourselves. And we can start right now by making Christmas a little bit better for someone(s) who can use it!

Check out the pictures from our party at our Facebook Photo Album!

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