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Kick-A-Thon at Young Forest Martial Arts

Kick-A-Thon at Young Forest Martial Arts

As part of our fundraising efforts to raise additional funds for our upcoming move in June, some of our students participated in a Kick-A-Thon. Students got sponsors to donate a small fee for every kick they completed in a minute. The overall winner of our Kick-A-Thon won their choice of a private lesson with Sifu Berry, or enrollment in an upcoming eight week sword fighting course. Our overall winner was Seth Hughes, completing 81 kicks in a minute! We had some other fundraising activities; a 50/50 drawing and a guessing game—we had a water balloon filler kit filled with candy, and participants had to guess how many candies were inside the water balloon filler. One of our Junior Leaders, Leo Williams, won the 50/50 drawing, and Marcus Thorp came closest in the guessing game; winning the water balloon filler kit and 383 pieces of candy! After the kicking and drawings, we finished the evening off with some kids games. It’s a great feeling having so much love and support from our families and students. We’re very excited about our move in June and all the proceeds from our fundraising events will go towards new furniture and equipment.

Thanks to all the families and students who donated or participated in some way!

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