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Jedi Fight Night at Young Forest Martial Arts

Jedi Fight Night at Young Forest Martial Arts

And Jesus said, “…and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” Well, we didn’t sell our cloaks, and we didn’t buy swords, but we did buy light sabers! After some rigorous forms training, and attack/defense drills, our padawans were prepared for epic Jedi duels. We had an intense children’s sword fighting bracket followed by some pretty intense adult sword fighting—if not for the sword play but for the brother against broth, son against father, husband versus wife. That’s right, only at Young Forest Martial Arts could a father get away with beating his child, or a husband get awarded for beating his wife!

For brief moments before and after training, padawans engaged in some equally intense battle royals in front of the kwoon. Though some passer-byes were frightened, no serious injuries were incurred. As with most duel fought with honor, respect was earned and given and bonds were formed and strengthened.

We’d like to thank all the participants. Everyone did a great job and exercised great self control, even in the a fore mentioned chaos of the loosely supervised battle royals that took place outside. We would especially like to thank the parents who participated and assisted in any way they did. And last but not least, as always, the parents who bring their children to these types of events and cringe and look away at the seemingly violent scenes that unfold before their eyes. As a parent, it is difficult to watch children swing objects at each other—even in controlled environments.

Thanks again everyone! Until next time; may the force be with you!


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