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Improve Yourself Through Better Communications

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Strategic Communications at Young Forest Martial Arts

Do you want a better career, or a better position at your current job? Better communication at work will improve overall success in your career. Move up the ladder at work, or acquire a better job by mastering strategic communication skills that dominate employment and promotion interviews.

Do you have a happy marriage? A happy marriage is a happy home life. Have an even happier marriage by learning how to communicate with your partner better than ever before.

Do you teach, coach sports or mentor others? Be a better teacher, coach, or mentor by learning how to listen and communicate effectively. Learn how to build rapport and strong, long lasting relationships through strategic communication skills and concepts.

Learning strategic communication skills will not only make you a better and more successful spouse, parent, employee, boss, mentor, coach, etc., it will make your children, students, players, employees, etc. more successful—as success is contagious. Through strategic communication skills, and the improvement of your own life, you will naturally improve the lives of those around you—which will enhance and improve your life further.

What is Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications at Young Forest Martial ArtsStrategic Communications is a ten week course in which you will learn how to effectively communicate with anyone through strategic listening skills and productive questioning. You will learn the art of neurolinguistics (eye movement) and master rapport building through advanced listening skills, advanced language skills, and advanced body language skills. You will not only gain knowledge, you will gain experience as well, through hands on training and role playing. DON’T WAIT! This course is typically reserved for Young Forest Martial Arts, ltd. Leadership Club members only. It is being offered to the public for the first, and possibly only time. Call us today and reserve your place! DON’T HESITATE! COURSE STARTS SOON!

About Strategic Communications

This course was developed by Young Forest Martial Arts, ltd. owner and head instructor Jesse J. Berry. Berry first learned Strategic Communication skills through college psychology courses in the 90’s. Berry continued to learn and practice Strategic Communication skills on his own in his personal life before putting them into practice at his martial arts school; the prestigious Meng’s Martial Arts of Richmond. Berry became an active Leadership Club member in the early 2000’s, giving him the opportunity to put these skills into practice, and develop them. In addition to other leadership skills learned and developed at Meng’s Martial Arts, as well as his leadership experience from Young Forest Martial Arts, ltd. and various management positions held over the years, Berry has taken over fifteen years of leadership and Strategic Communications experience, formulated it into a cohesive ten week course, and is now offering it to the public for the first time. Take advantage of this rare opportunity by calling and reserving your spot today!

The Forefront of Self-Improvement

Young Forest Martial Arts, ltd. is at the forefront of self-improvement in Darke County by teaching individuals how to develop themselves mentally and physically. One of the ways Young Forest accomplishes this is through leadership training—and leadership starts with good communication skills. Young Forest Martial Arts, ltd. founder Jesse J. Berry is excited to share his Strategic Communications program with the public for the first time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! CONTACT US RIGHT NOW!

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