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Imagination—Mental Skill of the Martial Artist

Sash Folder Invention by Student of Young Forest Martial Arts

Logic is a mental skill and is essential in the development and growth of a student. Reason and logic are the skills that give the student the ability to understand lessons taught, but also the ability to solve problems and answer their own inquiries. Of course, reason and logic is precise and scientific in nature. It’s based on principles, laws and boundaries. To be able to push past boundaries and go above and beyond, a student needs imagination. In the words of the great Albert Einstein, “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”

As a teacher, I’m always excited when students share their accomplishments—especially when it’s a result of their kung fu training, or in some other ways related to kung fu. Recently, I had a young student, Adrian Castaño-Miller, show me a very creative invention—a sash folder. For the non-martial artist, I must tell you there is a lot of etiquette in a martial artist’s sash/belt. The different color sashes/belts represent different levels of training and signify dedication and hard work. To give an example of sash/belt etiquette, a student should not let their sash/belt touch the ground; with the exception of training. And of course, proper care of sash/belt is equally important—folding and storing it properly. As you can imagine, tying on and removing sashes/belts can be somewhat difficult and tricky for smaller, younger children. As you can see from the images, there is a panel attached to a hand crank so the student can attach one end of their sash, turn the crank, and the sash folder winds the sash around the panel, folding it to its proper length. The panel easily removes so the sash can be removed from the panel and put in the sash bag for storage.

It’s a great feeling of accomplishment as a teacher to see students applying the life skills and mental skills you taught them. Adrian used his reason and logic to solve a problem—putting on and removing his sash so that it would not touch the ground, and folding it properly. And he used imagination to come up with a simple and efficient tool to solve his problem.

Great Job Adrian!

By the way, as you can also see from the images, Young Miller is an entrepreneur as well. His sash folding invention is for sale for only $9.95! But that’s not all! Order today and you get an excited, enthusiastic, and sincere smile with it. Don’t wait! Get yours while supplies last!

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