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Anthony Deubner at Young Forest Martial Arts

Off To The Navy

In the Jung Wu, the martial arts world, they say it’s hard to find a good teacher, but it’s harder to find a good student. This weekend, we said good bye to Anthony Deubner, the epitome of what a good student is. Anthony is an active member of every one of our programs at Young Forest Martial Arts, including our Leadership Club. Not only did he assist in children and adult classes, sometimes leading them himself, he would often times be found assisting students and answering questions off the mat in between classes. Anthony also, through his own initiative, would lead open mat training on the weekends. At Young Forest Martial Arts we take pride in building family bonds with each other and Anthony, above all others, took that to heart by constantly planning get together’s with his kung fu brothers and sisters. And as his Sifu, I’ve had the privilege to watch Anthony grow over the year and a half he’s been with us.

Anthony is shipping off to the Navy. The fact that he as decided to serve his country is another example of his character and dedication to not only developing himself, but serve others. We wish Anthony good luck on this journey and look forward to those short visits from him in the future.

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