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Focus – Discipline – Respect

Young Forest Martial Arts Students

These are just a few of the life skills we focus on at Young Forest Martial Arts. We practice and develop these and other Life Skills through martial arts training, etiquette, and a well structured class environment. Life Skills are the foundation of character development and success in all things. Etiquette (the proper behavior for/at any given time and place) training prepares individuals to adapt to any social setting. Rigid class structures prepare students for work/school environments and develops a strong work ethic; in addition to challenging the student’s Life Skills such as focus, self-control, discipline, perseverance, etc. Martial arts challenges the student mentally and physically, putting into practice Life Skills learned throughout training. Martial arts is also a skill set that can be carried with the student throughout life in the form of self-defense.

We have children and adult programs. Don’t wait! Call today and get a week of free classes!

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