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First Annual In-School Tournament

Young Forest Martial Arts In-School Tournamnet

This past Saturday we held our first In-School Tournament. We have two separate children’s schedules and adults on different schedules as well. In-school tournaments are not only an introduction and learning experience for students who have never been to a martial arts tournament, but an opportunity to meet and interact with students they don’t otherwise have an opportunity to interact with. In-school tournaments are also an opportunity for parents and family members to learn and experience what tournaments are all about, as well as witness the skill and progress of the students.

Although we had adults do some exhibition sparring matches, this in-school tournament provided the adults an opportunity to practice judging and refereeing; the competitive divisions were primarily children. All the children did an exceptional job, not only physically, but mentally as well. Everyone had such an outstanding positive attitude and great self-control, creating a fun environment for everyone. And we had a great number of parents and family members come out to watch and support students; it really gave a true sense of a tournament.

Thanks again to all the students who participated and demonstrated great Kung Fu. Thanks again to our Leadership members, and the other adults who refereed and judged, and any other way they may have helped. And again, a special thanks to parents; without their continued support, events like this would not be possible.

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