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Congratulations Academic Achievers!

Academic Achievers of Young Forest Martial Arts Nov. 2015

Nearly all the students in our Children’s program participate in the Academic Achiever program; over 85%! To be an Academic Achiever of the First Class students need to have a mostly A to B average, or raise their grade average on letter grade. To be an Academic Achiever of the Second Class, students must have mostly a B to C average. Students earn Academic Achieve patches (which they must maintain by keeping their grades up), Award Certificates, and can further earn Honorable Mention for exceptionally high and consistent grades, and/or getting positive comments from teachers on their grade card, and/or accomplishing additional above standard academics at school. We are proud to say that of the 85+% of our participating students, all of them are now Academic Achievers of the First Class. You will recognize these students by the Academic Achiever Patch and white Chevron patch worn on the left shoulder of their uniforms.

Congratulations students for demonstrating your kung fu at school! And congratulations parents for doing such a fine job raising responsible hardworking children!

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