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Comforting Comforters at Young Forest Martial Arts

Comforting Comforters at Young Forest Martial Arts

As some of you already know; we are a drop off location for Comforting Comforters. Comforting Comforters is a humanitarian project to collect and provide new blankets to the homeless. What’s fascinating about this project is that it was initiated by a local, young High School girl. It is great to see caring and compassion, along with initiative and drive, in our youth! It really gives of hope for the future! We hope this young girl’s compassion and initiative inspires her peers, and some of the older generations as well. We also know this young girl’s little sister does some humanitarian work of her own. What a great family to turn out such devoted community servants at such young ages! Keep up the great work!

If you’d like to know more about Comforting Comforters, or would like to know where the many New Blanket Drop-off bins are (besides ours), follow this link: Comforting Comforters.

If you have a new blanket you’d like to drop off at Young Forest Martial Arts, our address is 106 N. Broadway. We are there from 3pm till 7pm during the week, and from 8am till 11am on Saturdays. We live less than five minutes away and can meet if you’d like to drop off new blanket during our off hours; just call us at 937-423-2862.


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