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Young Forest Martial Arts Celebrates 2018

This past Saturday Young Forest Martial Arts students and families came together to celebrate the closing of 2018 and the new year, 2019. We are so fortunate to see the same faces – both students and families – year after year. We can not say it enough; we take great pride in being more than just a martial arts school – we’re a family. And seeing so many of the …Read More

Leadership Club Annual Dinner

At Young Forest Martial Arts we take pride in instilling Life Skills and Mental Skills in adults and children. We also take pride instilling leadership in adults and children. Just as much as we like to recognize our students for various achievements, we like to recognize and celebrate our students putting in the extra work to develop leadership skills. Leadership skills learned at Young Forest Martial Arts is not just …Read More

Young Forest Kung Fu Elves At It Again!

Our Kung Fu Elves are at it again! Wednesday we hosted our annual gift wrapping party for our Adopt-A-Family, where we wrapped gifts, ate pizza, and played games. And through sheer coincidence (or Christmas miracle), Santa and one of his Elf’s happened to walk by our party and came in to say hi! Thanks again Santa and Elf! We not only teach our students compassion – and lead those lessons …Read More

A Wing Chun Kung Fu Essay by Sifu Sovannaroth Kruich

As some of you know, Young Forest Martial Arts owner and head Sifu Jesse Berry has had the good fortune to be accepted into the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kuen family under Grand Master Garret Gee. Sifu Berry travels regularly to train in weekend long workshops directly under GM Gee and along with many of the Hung Fa Yi family. Recently Berry attended one of these workshops, and HFY …Read More

Academic Achievers Off To A Great Start

Our Academic Achievers are off to a great start! All of our regular members are maintaining their exceptional grades, and in many cases, achieving additional academic success and achievements. We also had a couple members improve their grades from last year to the start of this year. Additionally, we have some new members join the Academic Achiever program; making nearly every school aged student of Young Forest Martial Arts a …Read More

We Came, We Saw, We Took Back The Trail | 2018

Once again Young Forest Martial Arts students, family, and friends took to the trail (from Wilson in the Park to the Tecumseh Point) and removed over a dozen bags of trash. At Young Forest Martial Arts, we teach the value of serving our community. One of the easiest things to do to improve neighborhoods and overall community is picking up trash – as there is an endless supply thrown down. …Read More

The Force Is Strong In These Students | Jedi Fight Night At Young Forest Martial Arts

Not so long ago (three days), in a kung fu school not so far away (N. Broadway), Jedi Padawans (and by Jedi we mean Young Forest Martial Arts students) gathered to learn light saber techniques and compete with each other to determine who is the ultimate light saber champion! Check out these images. You can see the Force is strong with these Padawans! Join Young Forest Martial Arts and you …Read More

Saturn’s Day Fights – Chess at Young Forest Martial Arts

That’s right! We said chess! Our objective at Young Forest Martial Arts is to instill mental and physical strength in students. We do this through physical training (kicking, punching, etc. and physical fitness) and mentally by teaching Life Skills, and concepts and principles that support physical training. And now, we are bringing back Saturn’s Day Fights Chess Club to further challenge students mentally. This also allows us to interact and …Read More

Parent’s Night Out Sept. 2018

This past Saturday parents ditched their kids at Young Forest Martial Arts for an evening out. But we made the best of it by playing some fun games, eating pizza and watching a movie (or part thereof), and… well… playing more really fun games. At Young Forest Martial Arts we believe in building strong relationships not only on the mat, but off the mat as well; and we do that …Read More