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A Wing Chun Kung Fu Essay by Sifu Sovannaroth Kruich

As some of you know, Young Forest Martial Arts owner and head Sifu Jesse Berry has had the good fortune to be accepted into the Hung Fa Yi Wing Chun Kuen family under Grand Master Garret Gee. Sifu Berry travels regularly to train in weekend long workshops directly under GM Gee and along with many of the Hung Fa Yi family. Recently Berry attended one of these workshops, and HFY …Read More

Big Brother/Big Sister Night at Young Forest Martial Arts

We recently hosted a Big Brother/Big Sister night at Young Forest Martial Arts. One of Sifu Berry’s passions is mentoring others; especially youth. “There are  a lot of children and young adults out there that don’t have a lot – if any – strong, positive role models. As someone who grew up without a lot of strong role models, especially male role models, I’ve made it my mission in life …Read More

Young Forest Martial Arts Celebrates A Great 2016

This past Saturday members of Young Forest Martial Arts, their family, and friends descended upon the Lighthouse Christian Center’s UTurn building in celebration of the end of a great year and the start of another one. Every year our Sipai—Kung Fu Family—grows; and 2016 was particularly great for Young Forest Martial Arts as we saw some significant growth. This allowed Young Forest to relocated to a new, more suitable facility …Read More

Kung Fu Elf’s Are At It Again!

How do you like us now Elfie! While you were spending your nights mischievously, families of Young Forest Martial Arts came together to collect and wrap gifts in the spirit of spreading good cheer! Every year, Young Forest Martial Arts Adopts-A-Family for Christmas. And every year, our members and their families go above and beyond to spread cheer and happiness to a family that could use a little extra. Being …Read More

Once More Into The Fray | YFMA At The AOK Tournament

As we head into the final stages of 2016, a few Young Forest Martial Arts students rallied for one final push on the tournament front by attending the AOK Tournament hosted by the Dojang, Inc. After braving an intense winter front for which the likes have not been seen since last November, students from miles around came to compete in forms (kata), weapons forms, and sparring. With summer-like weather not …Read More

Improve Yourself Through Better Communications

 A Better Way of Life Do you want a better career, or a better position at your current job? Better communication at work will improve overall success in your career. Move up the ladder at work, or acquire a better job by mastering strategic communication skills that dominate employment and promotion interviews. Do you have a happy marriage? A happy marriage is a happy home life. Have an even happier …Read More

Kick-A-Thon at Young Forest Martial Arts

As part of our fundraising efforts to raise additional funds for our upcoming move in June, some of our students participated in a Kick-A-Thon. Students got sponsors to donate a small fee for every kick they completed in a minute. The overall winner of our Kick-A-Thon won their choice of a private lesson with Sifu Berry, or enrollment in an upcoming eight week sword fighting course. Our overall winner was …Read More

Chi Gung | Six Week Session Starts Soon!

Our next Chi Gung session starts this Wednesday! Develop proper breathing, moving, and still exercises for optimal health and vitality! Our Chi Gung program is for all experience and skill levels. Never done Chi Gung before? That’s okay, our Chi Gung exercises are simple and effective. You have done Chi Gung, or even Tai Chi before? Great, because we delve deep into the concepts and principles of Chi Gung in …Read More