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Another Year, Another Success!

Young Forest Martial Arts Two Year Anniversary

Young Forest Martial Arts Two Year Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our two year anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been two years already. But, as they say, time flies when you’re having fun, and we’ve had a blast. But not without hard work, and we’ve had a lot of students and parents put in a lot of hard work. It’s the students and parents who make up the identity of a school and who are a direct result of the school’s success in all things. We’ve been pretty active in the community this past year, and with the continued growth of our organization, look forward to getting more active. We’ve also gotten a little more active in our local martial arts community by networking, and getting involved in other martial arts school’s events; and we look forward to doing more.  In an attempt to network and get to know even more martial artists and schools in the area, we’re planning an open invitation martial arts tournament in Oct. in which we’ve invited over 20 schools. This tournament is also to share and expose more of the martial arts culture to our community. Martial artists and non-martial artists alike are welcome to come and witness this spectacular event.

As always, we’d like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us in any way. We’d like to give a special recognition to our leadership group starting with Ash and Leo Williams-our Junior leaders, and their parents Rob and Claire. Claire is very proactive in all our event planning and sits in on a lot of our leadership meetings. The Williams are the epitome of the martial arts family every instructor dreams of. Chris Langdon, who has been with us since near the beginning, and his daughter who is in our general children’s program. Chris has been active in all of our programs and often takes initiative and performs a lot of behind the scenes duties that most students take for granted. Chris and Rebecca represent another martial arts family. Jay Roberts and his daughter Alyssa, who are very proactive in everything we do. The whole Roberts family are very supportive of Jay and Alyssa and the exceptional amount of time they put in at the kwoon; another martial arts family. And finally, Anthony Deubner, one of our more recent additions. Anthony as submerged himself wholeheartedly into his training and the kwoon. He is by far our most active student participating in every program and maintaining a near perfect attendance at all times. It is students like Anthony that teachers find themselves leaning on the most.

And of course, the parents. I can never stress enough the importance of parents. Children often make up a large part of a schools student body, and that would not be possible without the support and willingness of the parents. Young Forest is fortunate to have so many students with parents that don’t just bring their children, but are proactive in a lot of the things we do. Parents, we cannot thank you enough!

Thanks again to everyone, past and present, members and non-members, for another great year!


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