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Academic Achievers Have Done It Again!

Young Forest Martial Arts Academic Achievers Nov. 2016

Kung Fu at School

It’s grade card number one and our students are dominating school! Our Academic Achiever program consists of two tiers—Academic Achiever First Class (A to B average) and Academic Achiever Second Class (B to C average). Young Forest Martial Arts is proud to say all our school aged children and young adults have achieved Academic Achiever with 90% of them achieving First Class status—and of those First Class achievers, most of them are straight A students. We have a lot of Honor Roll and Merit Roll students, and all students got great teacher feedback! We’ve had a couple long term students, after a lot of hard work, finally make Academic Achiever. And we’ve had a couple Second Class achievers, after a lot of hard work, move up to First Class. We could not be more proud of our students! Great job everyone!

Secondly; great job parents! Your children’s success is the result of your support and encouragement, as well as the life skills and work ethics you instill in them.

Finally, great job teachers!  We know you have difficult job and are often underappreciated, but your hard work and effort pays off too. Our children, and those we can directly influence, are on the path to grow up and be successful, contributing members of society—and it’s the result of hard work and effort on your part as parents and teachers!

Another great job to all you parents and teachers for helping raise a better future!


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