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Academic Achievers Off To A Great Start

Academic Achievers of Young Forest Martial Arts November 2018

Our Academic Achievers are off to a great start! All of our regular members are maintaining their exceptional grades, and in many cases, achieving additional academic success and achievements. We also had a couple members improve their grades from last year to the start of this year. Additionally, we have some new members join the Academic Achiever program; making nearly every school aged student of Young Forest Martial Arts a member of our Academic Achiever program. To be an Academic Achiever here at Young Forest Martial Arts, students must have a B to C average, and to be a First Class Academic Achiever a student must have an A to B average. We are very proud to say that of our Academic Achievers (which is nearly all our school aged children), nearly all of them are First Class Academic Achievers. At this point, it should go without saying that we take academics very seriously here at Young Forest Martial Arts. Our whole mission is to develop life skills that will make us successful at anything; not just kicking and punching. We just use kicking and punching as a means to develop life skills. And as you can see from the number of students who are achieving academic success, we are accomplishing our mission! Great job students! And great job parents for everything you do to help your children succeed!

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