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Academic Achievers Have Done It Again!

Academic Achievers of Young Forest Martial Arts

Academic Achievers of Young Forest Martial ArtsWe recently celebrated our Academic Achievers and we are proud to say that of our students participating (over 90% of our school age students), all of them have earned (or maintained) Academic Achiever of the First Class – that’s A to B average or better! And all but one student has earned Honorable Mention – which is earned by having consistently high grades, Honor or Merit Role, positive complements on their grade card from teachers, a whole letter grade improvement, etc. And, we had one student move up from Academic Achiever of the Second Class – B to C average – to Academic Achiever of the First Class with Honorable Mention. This student improved one whole letter grade in three subjects! We love seeing our students exercise and apply their Life Skills in other aspects of their lives – like home and school. Our Academic Achiever program is to acknowledge just that. Great job students! And; great job teachers! Oh yeah; and great job parents!


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